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freaks, or the first werewolf

2M, 1F, 1NB

On the edge of a deserted playground and offline from their parents, three 'tweens cast a spell to summon back their missing classmate. Esther wants to fix Ashely, Dennis wants to apologize and Maple just wants to know how she can be a werewolf too. But even if Ashley does appear, what are they going to do about the other beast watching them from the woods?


  • STAGED READING: Abrons Art Center, dir. Annika Prager, 2021

  • RECIPIENT: City Artist Corps Grant, 2021



8M, 1TF

After his disastrous career as gay porn star Jax Steel, Jacob returns to his former ambitions for playwriting and tries to mend his broken friendship with aspiring actress, Travis. But after accepting a role in a scantily clad revue, Jacob's grip on reality quickly begins to slip as the boundaries between the past, present and rehearsal room blur in this Greek adaptation meets gay porn fever dream. Inspired by Sophocles' Ajax.

  • READING: Hunter College Playwrights' Festival, dir. Jackson Gay, 2021

  • READING: Hunter College, dir. Jackson Gay, 2020

fuck off, Julia

5M, 1F, 1NB (Flexible Casting)

In a world where sex work is less like the Viennese waltz and more like the Macarena and Pretty Woman is constantly on rerun, Michael will have to decide if his fairy tale romance is really a role worth playing after all. 

  • READING: Dixon Place, dir. Annika Prager, 2020

  • READING: Provincetown Playhouse, dir. David Drake, 2019

Care Bear edited_edited.jpg

1M, 1Barbie

It's the annual Dirty Dish Awards and you're invited! Who will take home the coveted performer of the year? Social media mogul with the designer bottom, Zach Parks? Trailer park sweet heart, Cody Falls? Or Bushwick Boi revolutionary, Zander? Or will it be Chris Harder (who's he)?? A semi-autobiographical, one-man adventure into the stumbling in and getting out of the adult entertainment industry. 

  • TOUR: Buddies in Bad Times (TO), The Allways Lounge (New Orleans), The Dubrovnik (Helsinki, Finland), The Wild Project (NY), Jackie Bradley’s (Philadelphia), The Footlight Theater (Orlando), 2018

  • PRODUCTION: The Provincetown Playhouse, dir. David Drake, 2018

  • PRODUCTION : The Laurie Beechman Theater, dir. David Drake, 2017

  • "The zesty burlesque performer" Michael Musto, Paper Magazine

nasty drew and that harder boy: the mystery of the family jewels

5M, 3F (Flexible Casting) 


Holy jumping billy goats, someone stole the countess's family jewels! Can rival "teenage" detectives Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy see eye to eye to uncover the truth? A strip-sleuth whodunnit with burlesque, circus, and drag performances. 

  • PRODUCTION : The Laurie Beechman Theater, dir. Tina Marie, 2016

  • PRODUCTION: The Slipper Room, dir. Tina Marie, 2015

  • "Harder mines the source material and creates a hilarious, entertaining evening."

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